Who Will be SNL’s Next Joe Biden?

Jim Carrey's run as Joe Biden has come to an end after six episodes.

SNL Joe Biden
SNL's new Joe Biden is at least temporarily Alex Moffatt.

Jim Carrey’s short run as President-Elect Joe Biden on NBC’s Saturday Night Live appears to be over after just six episodes, but it shouldn’t come as a huge shock to anyone. Carrey, after all, had only signed on for six episodes. Nevertheless, most viewers likely assumed that Carrey was going to be around for the long haul, after seeing actors like Alec Baldwin portray Donald Trump for over four years, and former cast member Maya Rudolph returning to play Kamala Harris for several years in various sketches.

For one night, anyway, Biden was played by current cast member Alex Moffat.

The reviews for Jim Carrey as Joe Biden were fairly negative. Reporter Karen Valby at Vanity Fair called Carrey’s performance “uncomfortable shtick and half-speed.” To Carrey’s defense, Biden has been said to be a difficult character to play. In the past, presidents such as Bill Clinton and George W. Bush have had unmistakable mannerisms, voices, or ways of speaking.

In the new episode that aired December 20, Moffatt took over the role of Biden in the opening sketch that showed Vice President Mike Pence, played by Beck Bennett, receiving the COVID vaccine.

We’ll have to wait and see who Saturday Night Live casts as the next “permanent” POTUS, but it’s no easy decision. Past cast members to get thrust into the spotlight playing sitting presidents include big names like Chevy Chase, Dana Carvey, Will Ferrell and Darrell Hammond. It could be a career-defining role for whoever is chosen next!

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