Will You Do the New Dew?

If new flavors of sodas (or pops, depending on your region of the country) seems very 2004 to you, you’re pretty much right. Go back and watch any documentary that came out in that timeframe, like The Staircase. It’s hard not to notice virtually everyone is walking around with a 20 oz. full-sugar Pepsi in hand! Somewhere over the past few years, Americans have lost their way, replacing the unhealthy, sugary beverages with sparkling waters like LaCroix.

Mt. Dew, however, is out to regain some market share in 2021 and find a whole new generation of kids’ and gamers’ teeth to rot. Hey, if Saved By the Bell can make a comeback, why not pop?

For the first time in ten years, a new permanent flavor of Mountain Dew has hit the shelves, with the release of Mountain Dew: Major Melon.

Mountain Dew, also known as Mtn Dew, has a new flavor that’s majorly rockin’!

The soda appears to be pink in color, with a very watermelony color scheme of pink, two shades of green, and even some black representing the seeds. The marketers knocked this one out of the park—this will absolutely stand out in coolers in convenience stores.

Your first reaction might be to laugh and make lots of fun of the new soda, but the fact that this isn’t just some temporary promotional thing makes us wonder: could it actually be… good?

Mt. Dew Cocktails

Mountain Dew’s marketing team has been hard at work convincing adults (or minors, more likely) that their soda lineup can even be used to create a fun tequila cocktail! Just mix simple syrup, tequila, cabernet, lime juice, and a healthy dose of one of their limited-run flavors, and—voila! Pure deliciousness. No, the cocktail isn’t supposed to use Major Melon specifically, but use enough tequila and here’s guessing that wouldn’t diminish the experience any.

In fairness, that does sound like something worth trying once. It wouldn’t be surprising if this becomes the new whiskey-Coke! (Okay, no. It would be very surprising.)

If you’re a little nostalgic to return to the days where you drank a half-dozen pops a day without so much as a second thought, Major Melon feels like a great place to start.

So what do you think? Will you do the new Dew and quench your thirst, or pass? Let us know!

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