Wonder Woman 1984 a Quantum Leap?

Wonder Woman 1984 was an episode of Quantum Leap

SPOILERS AHEAD. STOP READING if you haven’t seen it.

There have been mixed feelings about Wonder Woman 1984. Weird special effects, odd story line, a lot of holes in the plot, but it also had some moments that people really enjoyed. Chris Pine coming back was one of the favorite moments of most fans. You got some of the comedy, another emotional moment with him, and just his general sense of wonder was refreshing.

This article isn’t a review though. This article is about how Wonder Woman 1984 was an episode of Quantum Leap. If you don’t know what Quantum leap was you need to go watch it right now. It aired in 1989, 4 years after Wonder Woman 1984 took place but the similarities to the show were uncanny.

Maxwell Lord stepped into the Quantum Leap accelerator and vanished!

Maxwell Lord via HBO Max’s Wonder Woman 1984 and Quantum Leap Intro from 1989

Now you say to me, “oh boy here we go, so there was a scene that looked like Quantum Leap“. Well let me continue. Did you forget that Steve Trevor also had a Quantum Leap moment?

Scene from the first episode of Quantum Leap
Steve Trevor seeing the body he is in for the first time in Wonder Woman 1984

The biggest resemblance to Quantum Leap is the plot. Maxwell Lord goes around jacking up the planet by granting wishes and taking what he wants. Wonder Woman, with help from her guide Steve Trevor (AKA Al?) helps her figure out how to put things back to the way they were. The premise of Quantum Leap was to “Put right what once went wrong”. The premise of Wonder Woman 1984 at the end is to do the same. Am I wrong? What are your thoughts?

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