10 Must-Have Tetris Accessories for the Whole Family

In 1984, Russians Alexey Pajitnov and Vladimir Pokhilko brought Tetris to market. The game was so simple—move falling blocks to fill rows and delete them. Yet this simple concept has remained globally popular spanning five decades. From arcade machines to PC versions to Gameboy and even the 99-player battle royale Tetris 99 on Nintendo Switch, the game, for some, is a lifestyle.

If you’re a hardcore Tetris nerd, you might want to live and breathe Tetris beyond the game itself, so here are ten accessories to work into your home.

10. Kids Floor Mats

These soft floor mats that keep little kids’ noggins from getting injured are way cooler when you can fit the pieces together like a Tetris game. Do you think you could actually form the perfect rectangle on your own? No way.

9. Kids Puzzles

Yes, this is a toy intended for kids with a goal of improving motor skills and hand-eye coordination, but come on. Doesn’t this puzzle look fun to you? I would love to try to fill that rectangle up with these shapes!

8. Tetris Book

If you’re a normal person, anytime you get really into something like a movie or TV show or game, you start doing your research on how it came to be. You want to know everything about it. This book feels like a good place to start learning about how those blocks fell into place.

7. Handheld Original Arcade Game

Alright, this looks equally parts cool and wildly frustrating. I mean, knobs that you turn? That’s going to be a pain in the butt. Reviews also state that the pieces sometimes float to the right and there’s nothing one can do to move them back left. But the idea that this mini arcade could sit on your desk for under $20 is pretty cool.

6. Foam Tetris Blocks

Again, they say these are for kids, but big foam Tetris blocks have lots of practical adult uses, from throwing at people to office displays to simply playing with, as intended.

5. Wooden Puzzle Cube

This Tetris-inspired puzzle actually is intended for adults, and looks wildly difficult. Made up of 54 tiny pieces, this cube feels like the kind of thing that might be doable if you were snowed in, all alone, with no electricity and no booze.

4. Puma Tetris Shoes

Ugh, sorry, folks. These shoes are only available in kids’ sizes. Why do manufacturers only make cool Tetris stuff for kids? Well, if you have kids, you’ll want to outfit them in these.

3. Heat-Changing Ceramic Tetris Coffee Mug

Now we’re talking. This mug changes the Tetris pieces as it heats or cools. It is a well-known fact that every coffee mug should have some sort of cool heat-inspired pattern-changing image. This one meets every Tetris fan’s wildest dreams.

2. Interlocking Tetris Night Light Blocks

Each of the seven Tetris blocks comes in this beautifully vibrant night-light set, and apparently you can just build it however you want and it still works! Every diehard Tetris fanatic must have this.

1. Arcade Machine

Obviously, if you have $3,700 lying around, you should already be adding this to your cart. This arcade machine is said to have 4,708 built-in games (including Tetris, duh). Hey, you’ve come this far… for another $400, they’ll wrap the arcade in custom artwork.

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