Replacing Xbox One S with Xbox Series X Setup Process

Now that you have unboxed your shiny new Xbox Series X, It's time to set it up!

Xbox Series X Setup Screens on iPhone

Now that Unboxing was revealed a lot of people want to know what the setup process was like. In my particular case I have an Xbox One S so I needed to decide if I was going to replace it with my Xbox Series X or just have a second in the house.

The setup process itself was quite easy. It flashed a code on the screen as soon as I plugged it in and turned it on. I needed to download the Xbox app from the Apple App Store and follow the on screen instructions.

Xbox Series X First Steps in Setup
You can see from my iPhone 11 Pro screen that I followed the simple setup instructions. The process was easy and asked some of the simple questions to get the Xbox set up.
Xbox Series X Setup Process

The question upon setup was answered as to if I could “Replace” or just “Add” another Xbox. They essentially have you set it up as a new unit but you can pull in all the settings from your previous Xbox. You can even transfer games over the network if you kept your old Xbox hooked up. If you didn’t keep it hooked up there is nothing to worry about. Assuming you have physical copies you can just install them again. If you don’t have physical copies you can just download them again from the cloud. The speed of download, depending on your internet, can be just as fast as transferring.

I would not transfer the games if you do expect to keep both because the game deletes off your old Xbox in the transfer. It is better to just download again from cloud or install again. I have found no problem so far in having both games on both systems, although I have not tried to use the same game at the same time on both systems.

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