Xbox Series X Unboxing

Xbox Series X has finally arrived from Walmart earlier than expected. Time to unbox it.

Xbox Series X Vertical
Xbox Series X has finally arrived from Walmart earlier than expected. Time to unbox it.

I was able to order a Xbox Series X on December 15th from Walmart when they got a shipment midday. Best Buy got one at the same time so I frantically tried to refresh multiple devices on both sites. I was luckily able to get through after about 20min of trying on Walmart.

Now originally Walmart said that the order would come in on January 4th. I was quite unhappy knowing I had some time over the holidays to try out the new machine. I got lucky though! Walmart shipped it early and it arrived December 21st.

Xbox Series X in Walmart shipping box

It arrived safely and nobody porch snatched it. The packaging from Walmart was very discrete and hid any hint of the contents inside. I removed it from the box and carefully lifted the lid to discover a nicely packed Xbox Series X.

Xbox Series X Box Lid Open

I proceeded to remove the contents to see what all was inside. It was packed in typical what I would call “PC” style packaging. Not nearly as sleek as opening an Apple product which is an experience in itself because Apple is all about design.

This product was made for gamers though so it was utilitarian in design and served it’s purpose.
Xbox Series X Main Packaging

The box itself was lopsided in weight due to the Xbox being on one side and the light components the other. Heavier than I expected lifting it out of the box was the monolith style rectangular cube shaped Xbox Series X with “Power your dreams” written on the thin cardboard sleeve.

The cables and controllers I also pulled out and shot a picture of so you could see how they came.

Xbox Series X Controller and Cables

The controller is slightly different than the Xbox One with an extra button on the front, a 8 direction digital control, and grippy etching made out of the same plastic as the controller so you don’t lose your controller when you are in the heat of battle sweating like a madman.

Xbox Series X Controller Front
Xbox Series X Controller Back

I proceeded to open the Xbox Series X itself to take a look at it. It definitely had that immediate “Serious Gamer” feel to it being so simple in its design. Not nearly as fancy or sleek as the Playstation 5 but significantly better in every way. The first question that had crossed my mind was if the Xbox Series X could sit on one side horizontally and that question was immediately answered. I have a giant TV stand that holds an 86″ LG UN8500 series TV and there is no room for a vertical console.

Xbox Series X Vertical Front and side with Horizontal Feet
A lot of people had reported problems with the blu-ray drive sitting vertically so for me I was excited to see I wouldn’t have to deal with that and just sit it sideways like I wanted.

I then turned it around to the backside to see all the ports and what it had to offer.

Xbox Series X Ports

It comes equipped with an HDMI Out, Cat6 Network connector, 2 usb ports (there is also one on the front), power cord connection and a storage expansion slot for the Seagate HDD which is the only currently available accessory for that slot.

Now that I had fully examined the unit it was time to hook it up and see what kind of pain this was going to be to replace my Xbox One S. I go through the Setup Process in this article here.

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